Bear Grylls Survival Races


Heroes are Made not Born, It is our aim on the Bear Grylls Survival Races to inspire a positive "never say die" attitude to the next generation of adventurers. It might start with a 5k Survival Race but it may well end with you becoming the Ultimate Survivor!

A Message From Bear Grylls

The Bear Grylls Survival Race is not designed to be a one off event - it is a starting point on a great journey to a stronger, healthier, more determined, & more battle hardened YOU. If you can complete and conquer one of our events, then you will have earned the right to call yourself a BG Survivor. A last word: the moment an emergency slows and people's defenses have been weakened, security malfunctions in some cases occur; shops might be looted or equipments stolen. Even if the all-clear has sounded, stay vigilant until you've come back to a place of safety. No one wishes to spend their holiday worrying about a potential disaster - I certainly don't. You can learn more at That's exactly why I take a few minutes to plan beforehand if I'm visiting a sensitive region. It's a question of mindset. If you deal with your concerns and plan for them, you can then let those feelings go and take pleasure in your trip. If something happens, however scary, you'll feel more responsible and not as worried as if you hadn't given it a thought . Prepare escape routes. Leaving your home if you reside within just 150 miles of a nuclear facility after either a man-made or natural calamity is naturally the 1st and best option for survival. But jumping into your vehicle and rolling down the highway is not very likely to be an easy task. Alternative exit options must be created and carried out.
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