Survival races can be a great way to release that inner explorer or adventurous side that you have within you, whether you are new to this world and want to try things out with a 5km test of fitness, or you are keen for the test of an ultimate survivor completing the 30km challenge that has over 100 obstacles, and 10 survival challenges that will really put you to the test. Camping could be a great way to take this experience to the next level so we will be going through 5 reasons you should consider it. 

1.Value for Money

Rather than having to fork out on a hotel that could be a fair distance away from the event, which may mean you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed in the morning before you start your survival race, camping can be a great way to save some money and be closer to the start line.

2. Getting a headstart on the event

Getting a headstart is always something that s going to benefit you, and camping can help towards that for sure. The distance of not needing to travel can be great and waking up close to the event means there is no rush in the morning for everyone to get ready, and if you have a family this could be a great way to enjoy a little trip away that everyone will enjoy.

3. Spending time with other competitors

Getting through your survival race will be tough on your own, and even with the support of your friends and family only other competitors can give you that extra encouragement and support whilst you are completing your race, camping can be a great way to bond with like-minded people who are there to push themselves just as you are.

4. Conserve energy ready for the main event

Energy is going to be the biggest thing you want to conserve in the lead up to any event like this. You will be truly pushed to your limits so any advantage will help you during the race. Camping close to the event can save loads of rushing in the morning and also a lot of stress that traveling to an event can bring.

5. Celebrate with your fellow BG Survivor race finishers

When it is all done with and you have finished your challenge, there is no better feeling than celebrating with your fellow competitors, and this can be made all the more fun with camping. Knowing you dont have to drive back to the hotel later on or drive home straight away will let you fully immerse yourself into the moment and make it truly a day to remember.

Camping at these events can be such a fun worthwhile experience making your event that much better and if you have any queries on the equipment you can get great camping gear advice at outdoor gadget reviews who can truly make your trip one to remember.