Key points for completing the 5 and 10km race

If you need reassurance that you will complete your Bear Grylls survival race then measure yourself up against the following key physical challenges. If you have the mental determination to succeed then your body should see you through.

  1. 10 press ups: You must have sufficient upper body strength to repetitively push yourself off the ground from crawling, lying down or ducking under obstacles.
  2. 30 sit ups: Your core strength is the bed rock of your power. You have to be able to engage your core to move your extremities. It will be tested to its limit over the duration of the race.
  3. 15 burpees: Combine explosive power and muscular endurance to achieve this most despised of all exercises. There will be times when the obstacles demand repeated maximum efforts, you must have some reserves in the tank.
  4. 1x chin up: You must be able to pull your body weight over obstacles. If you can manage a chin up you will be in with a fighting chance of getting over everything with a bit of a scramble.
  5. Weighted Carry- 15kg and 30kg for women and men respectively over 400m: An OCR designed by Bear will include a carry of some sort or other. If you can carry a heavy weight over a short distance you know that you have the leg and back strength to cope with this eventuality.
  6. Weighted Pull- Drag a weight of 15-20kg up a hill for 30 seconds: Stand still and test your shoulder and arm muscles.
  7. Body hang for 20 seconds: Your forearms will be burning after this, it tests your grip strength to the max. You will need to rely on your grip more than ever if you want to get round this course.
  8. Squat- 1 maximal squat with 30kg followed by 10 squats without weight: You need to be able to get your bum to your heels when squatting as if lifting an object from the ground. If you can’t squat you will injure your back.
  9. 100m bear crawl: In many survival situations you need to be able to move fast low to the ground. Get your elbows to the ground and keep your bottom low while you push with your feet. You must be able to use your body in all sorts of positions.
  10. Run up a hill without stopping for one minute: If you can run up one hill then you walk up several and no race would be worthwhile if it wasn’t at least undulating.