Sponsors and Partners

Our official hydration partner is AQUAÇAI and we are delighted that our racers will all experience water straight from the ultimate source in Panama—an artesian aquifer deep beneath the Acai Rainforest. AQUAÇAI starts as rainwater and trickles slowly through layers of soil and rock—the deeper it travels, the purer it becomes. When it reaches our aquifer 400 feet below ground, it’s completely nitrate free. The artesian mineral water’s health benefits include its positive level of silica, which nourishes hair and nails, and helps reduce neurotoxin aluminium in the body. In addition, few other brands of water contain zero nitrates, making AQUAÇAI a world leader in terms of purity. AQUAÇAI commit to sustainable means and over the last 7 years, planted more than 400,000 native trees, flowers, plants.
Land Rover

Land Rover is the Official Vehicle of The Bear Grylls Survival Race. Land Rover is continually evolving into the 21st Century with dynamic technology and bold distinctive design that remains the unchallenged authority off-road. The raw power, competitiveness and ethos of The Bear Grylls Survival Race make for an ideal sponsorship association. Land Rover renowned for the most efficient 4x4s, provides the transportation & logistical support to ensure our world class races. Land Rover's product line-up now includes the new Range Rover Evoque, as well as the flagship vehicle the Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport, the acclaimed and practical Discovery 4, the compact Freelander 2 and the iconic workhorse Defender.
Jordan Fitness

Jordan Fitness is the official Training Equipment Partner of the Bear Grylls Survival Race. Jordan Fitness has been the leading authority on the design, manufacture and supply of quality commercial functional fitness equipment in the UK and internationally for the past 25 years. Jordan Fitness is constantly growing as a company, always striving to provide new ground-breaking products and services for their customers. Providing amazing products for the Bear Grylls Survival Race, Jordan Fitness will put participants through their paces when they come head to head with some of our new Survival Challenges and Obstacles designed in partnership with the BGSR.
Fortitude Fitness Centre

The official training partner of the event, Fortitude Fitness Centre provides free training sessions for race participants to help get prepared for the BG Survival Race. Through providing participants with the skills and technique to make it across the many obstacles in the race, the Fortitude Fitness Centre team take participants through their assault course at the Cambridge training centre HQ. Get training now with the FFC team - fortitudefitnesscentre.com
Exile Medics

Official medical partner, Exile Medics, are known for providing excellent medical care in extreme environments. An organisation bringing together the adventurous and the adventure medical professional, Exile Medics will be present all along the BG Survival Race course to ensure a safe environment for all race participants.
Royal Marine Reserves

We are working alongside the Royal Marine Reserves to encourage our community to continue to look for challenges that push them to the limit and complete the world’s toughest military training – eventually earning that coveted green beret. The Royal Marine’s provide us with informed, intelligent and insightful assistance with training obstacle build and manpower at our events. It is no doubt we have chosen to work with the Royal Marines, an elite membership of 600 people who combine their civilian jobs with serving as part-time, fully trained Commandos who deploy their skills in any location, environment and terrain. We recommend our racers aspire to the high calibre Royal marines, Capable of going anywhere, able to keep their cool in tense situations, securing the seas, protecting Britain’s interests and delivering humanitarian aid
Bear Grylls Survival Academy

The Bear Grylls Survival Race partners with The Bear Grylls Survival Academy and his handpicked team of survival experts to ensure that our obstacle course is brought to life in the most challenging way. The Bear Grylls Survival Academy are at the forefront of extreme survival techniques and through their knowledge and contribution the Bear Grylls Survival Race will be the most challenging but empowering obstacle race on the planet. The Bear Grylls Survival Academy offer adventure challenges in the UK and internationally.