Ultimate Survivor

September 30th, 2017 — Trent Park London


Ultimate Survivor

Are you ready for the ULTIMATE challenge?

Clear your diaries and get your racing shoes on for Saturday, September 30, 2017! The Bear Grylls Survival Race grand finale is happening in London – 30 kilometres of pure survival adventure! If you play your training right, you may be one of the lucky 1,000 participants to compete for the Ultimate Survivor title. This race is only for the most seasoned of athletes, but you can try your luck if you’ve been training hard – dedication and preparedness is key!

Created by Bear Grylls and his team of mountain and Survival experts, this is a course like no other. You will make your way through our 30k course with 100+ Obstacles and 10 Survival Challenges in each of our Survival Zones – each one as difficult as the next. You will need to keep moving!

Strength, agility, balance, resourcefulness and determination are just a few of the attributes you will require to complete these gruelling tasks and make your way to the finish line first if you have your eye on the Ultimate Survivor trophy and prize.

This is the 30Km race which truly separates the Ultimate Survivors from the Survivors. In 2016, we saw an incredible race with many people showing true survival instincts and determination by adapting to new challenges and overcoming adversity over and over again over the 30 km.

This year we will step it up again with a larger field size and more challenges, even Bear himself had to ask “if we were serious” when we agreed on the final scope for this epic event. Only 30Km, 100+ Obstacles and 10 Survival Challenges stand between you and becoming an Ultimate Survivor!

Ages 16+

What Does my Ticket Include?


Ultimate Race Entry


Official BG Survival Race Medal!


Finish Line Snacks


Finishers Tee


Free Entry into the BG Festival


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The Bear Grylls Survival Race consists of a multi distance series of obstacle races combined with Survival Challenges designed to cater to all abilities.